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Mt Crawford Photography

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Bordering both the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, Wirreanda is a gorgeous family owned property,
perfect for creating that lasting memory.

We offer our 365 acre property as a photo and video shoot location for weddings and high-end video productions.

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Private South Australian Property

Between Barossa Valley & Adelaide Hills

Beautiful South Australian landscapes

South Australia Film Shooting Location

Our South Australian property has been set up to be the ideal Wedding Photography Shoot Location. We are also located right next to Mt Crawford making for the perfect switch between rolling hills to a gorgeous forest scenery. Fun Fact; Mt Crawford was used as a set to shoot the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie!

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Film Shoot Location in South Australia

Photo & Film Shoot Location for Advertising in South Australia

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If you’re looking to shoot an advert in South Australia and need vast space and South Australian landscapes then Wirreanda Farm is perfect for you. Set up for easy access for vehicles to enter the property and traverse our 365 acre property we have made it easy for you to find gorgeous and scenic views. Our property has 360 degrees of gorgeous views of either South Australian hills, South Australian shrubs and native bushland and even our working farm makes for a unique and spectacular shoot location.

South Australia Wedding Shoot Location Outdoors Nature Wirreanda Farm

Mt Crawford Photography Location

Mt Crawford Wedding Location

Located fence to fence with Mt Crawford Forest means that we provide for a fantastic Wedding Photography location. Easily take photos in the stunning Mt Crawford Forest with roaring trees and harsh terrain and then cross over to our private property for complete privacy and an ideal wedding photography shooting location in South Australia.

About Wirreanda Farm

Wirreanda Wandering, South Australia

Wirreanda Farm is a family property located in Mt Crawford South Australia. Our working farm is now run by a third generation of farmers on this land and we plan to keep running it as a working farm. We plan to expand our services so more people can enjoy our South Australian farm property.